Real Time Communication-External

Automated or ‘on the fly’ communications to customers and rental companies
Two Way Texting - Send messages to your customer, if they respond it copies the response to the notes on the repair order.
Two Way emails - Send automatic or generated emails to update anyone related to the repair. Update the customer, insurance company, rental company and more.
Keep everyone in the loop about the status of some or all repairs
  • Quickly Notify Customer Of Repair Status
  • Quickly Update Customer of Part Delays, Production Issues and more
  • Automatic Messages Can be Generated When Cars move through Departments
  • Messages Are All Documented in the file
  • Updates Can Be Setup By Company. 
  • Two Way Messaging
Customized Solutions From BodyshopConnect -- External Communications

BodyshopConnect by Micazen is an auto body shop management software designed to be customized for the Collision Repair Process. No two repairs are the same so why be forced into a process by other  body shop management tools available. External Communications are vital. Automated communications that keep everyone informed during the repair process not only saves time, but also helps improve Customer Satisfaction.


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