Control, Manage & Discover Hidden Profits. Job Costing With BodyshopConnect Makes It Simple.

Track all Job Costs easily and quickly. Labor or Vendor Costs can be added per Repair Order or on the fly using bulk Job Cost posting screens.


  • Parts Management Dashboard
  • Parts List By Repair Order
  • Outstanding Vendor Credits
  • Order, Receive, Return, Back Order, IOU & More
  • Partial Credits, Labor & Cost Credit
  • Part Labels
  • Electronic Check In
Customized Solutions From BodyshopConnect -- JobCostConnect

BodyshopConnect by Micazen is an auto body shop management software designed to be customized for the Collision Repair Process. No two repairs are the same so why be forced into a process by other  body shop management tools available. JobCostConnect allows a shop to break down all Vendor and Labor Costs by profit center in order to see exactly where to focus. Quickly View your net profit to make sure you are staying profitable on all repairs.


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