Data Analytics

A two-way interface with Leantec allows shops to track inventory. BodyshopConnect will send repair order data to LeanTec and then LeanTec will send back the cost data.
  • Repair order data flows out from BodyshopConnect. 
  • Leantec imports repair order data automatically. 
  • Cost data from Leantec updates into the repair order in BodyshopConnect. 
  • Reduce data entry and track what is important in your shop.
Customized Solutions From BodyshopConnect -- Inventory

BodyshopConnect by Micazen is an auto body shop management software designed to be customized for the Collision Repair Process. No two repairs are the same so why be forced into a process by other body shop management tools available. External Communications are vital. Automated communications that keep everyone informed during the repair process not only saves time, but also helps improve Customer Satisfaction.


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